Friday, May 17, 2013

Parents Night Out

Sadie's little preschool does a monthly 'Parents Night Out' where the kids get to go to school in their pajamas from 5:30 - 8:30pm. They play, have dinner, play some more and then end the night with popcorn and a movie. Sadie LOVES it! The whole idea is to give us a night to go out, but if I'm going to pay a babysitter, I'm going to pay one for both kids. So, depending on the month, we've done Mommy/Son dates while daddy worked or spent one-on-one time with Colton before putting him down for the night at 7. This time, daddy was able to come home a bit early from work and we all got to walk Sadie up to preschool together. Since the weather has been gorgeous, we took Colton to the park then grabbed some lobster, shrimp and crab rolls and ice cream before heading home to put him to bed. We had a bit of fun playing with our new camera and Colton was an incredibly willing subject.

It was nice to spend one on one time catering to Colton. I feel like we generally cater our outdoor (and indoor) activities to Sadie and he just comes along for the ride, but today we got to do what he wanted to do. He's such a good little one albeit addicted to his paci and his doggie or teddy (teddy became our back up when he lost his back up doggie...for the second, or third, time).  He loves playing with the tags on them or using the tags as a paci if he doesn't have one in his mouth. I try to limit them to nap and bedtime or to long stroller rides (which is multiple times a day), but somehow he'll find them and sneak them throughout the day. I love how he'll cross his little ankles in the stroller when he's relaxed with paci and doggie.

Sadie is such a great sidekick. She is a fabulous little walker - she can walk for miles without batting an eye. Often she'll ride her scooter ahead of me, but lately she's just wanted to walk and talk. We look for shapes, letters, talk about our day and lately we've been working on similes. I start one she finishes it, and vice versa.

Saturday, February 02, 2013

The little things

I am not a morning person. I really wish I was. But I'm not. I am 100% night owl. I could stay up all night long every night, if only I were able to sleep in all morning. But alas, there are the littles. And they seem to love mornings. So, up I get. Long before I ever want to. I know there are moms who wake up before their kids and get ready for the day. I'm sure it would be nice. Showering in peace. Actually getting dressed and feeling put together. I should do it. But sleep is so much more enticing at 5:30am. So, Colton drags me out of bed before the sun is evening shining. And Sadie pops out of her room almost precisely at 7:06 every morning. And they're happy happy happy. I think it's their favorite time of day. They play so nicely. And most of the time, I try to grab a few more zzz's on the couch. Until one of them pulls me off the couch begging for breakfast. 

I rang in the New Year with a resolution to kick this "sleeping on the couch in the morning" habit. Because seriously, I may have had an excuse when Colton was first born, but now he's 14 months and really, that excuse was gone many many MANY months ago when he started sleeping through the night. But of course, I had to be tried. Colton has been working on a molar the past few weeks and it just will not come through. The poor guy has had some miserable days and even more miserable nights and I've had the privilege to share those with him. A few weeks ago, after a particularly bad night, I was desperate for sleep. So Colton played and I sat Sadie at the table with sugary cereal (which I rarely keep around the house) and put PBS Kids on. She was in heaven. And I looked over at her and couldn't help but get off the couch and snap a few pictures. She is easily pleased.

And while we're on the topic of Sadie, this little girl is just the best. She really is my best little friend. She loves life. Every morning when she wakes up she asks lots of questions. "Mom, what day is it today?" "Is it school today?" "Is daddy at work?" If Brett is at work, "Awww! Why does daddy have to work? I miss him!" "What are we going to do today?" "What friends am I going to see today?" "Where are we going today?" She is social and loves to get together with friends, no matter if they are her age or not. Most of the time when we walk out of our building she informs the doormen where we are going. "I'm going to school, but Colty's not, he has to take a nap!" "I get to go swimming with Tori and Kate is going to be there too!" I love her enthusiasm for life. And I love that whether we're running errands or going to something fun, she thinks it's awesome and wants to be a part.

As of late, she has also started to thank me for making meals. We'll sit down at the dinner table and she'll look over at me and say, "Mom, thank you for preparing this dinner!" or "Mom, I appreciate you making dinner." And when I ask her to do things, she let's out an enthusiastic "Shh-ure!" (Note: she does many a moment where she refuses to do what I ask and those refusals can be as harshly intense as her 'sures' are enthusiastic).

She keeps me on my toes and is never afraid to call me out on things. "Mom, I don't like that tone of voice." "Mom, you're not being very nice." And sometimes when she asks if she can do something/go somewhere and I say "Let me think about it" she will give me a minute and then say "Mom, can you think about it now please?" We love our little Sadie. She is growing up all too quickly!

Sunday, January 13, 2013


As Christmas was approaching, I talked to Sadie about the fact that she needed to get a present for Daddy as well as for Colton. I asked her what she wanted to get them and she quickly responded with her default gift answer, 'a car!' Well, since she got a cool toy car for Brett for his birthday last year and Colton had just received four wooden toy cars for his birthday, I suggested that maybe we get something else for them. She thought about it and said that she wanted to get them ties - matching ties! So that we did! She and I sat looking online for matching tie sets one weekday while Colton was napping. Once I found the place I wanted to order from, I showed her the options. She was adamant about the 'blue and black striped one' after I dissuaded her from a few others that I figured wouldn't be Brett's favorite. She could hardly wait for them to wear them to church. And of course, that took a few weeks. The Sunday after Christmas Sadie was home sick and so subsequently Colton was also home with me. Last Sunday, Brett had to fly out first thing in the morning to San Francisco for a conference. So, today was finally the day. And Sadie was excited! We love our handsome boys!

Saturday, December 01, 2012

Santaland 2012

There are some awesome Santas around the city, but every year we make it a point to get to Macy's Santaland. We've been every year since Sadie was born. And, we've figured out the system to avoid the insane crowds. We got ready bright and early this morning to beat the crowds and arrived just after Santaland opened. We waited for maybe 15 minutes all that while enjoying the walk through the North Pole. We were taken to our room (there are lots of Santas in Santaland) and waited forever while the family in front of us tried to get the elves to get a perfect picture of their baby girl with Santa for her first Christmas. The elves were surprisingly nice about letting them take their time. Probably because they knew that this family would be buying their photo package. When our turn came, the elves were cordial but knew we weren't giving them any more business given that we came in with our camera (a better one than theirs) and external flashes to take our own photos after they did theirs.  I had no expectations this year given that last year Sadie wouldn't go near Santa unless I was sitting there with her and she could sit on MY lap and Colton is going through a very clingy/separation anxiety phase. They both pleasantly surprised me and actually sat with him. Sadie was pretty stiff the entire time (see pictures). Colton was a bit curious and did fine. No smiles from either of them, but no tears either. Sadie was too shy to tell Santa what she wanted so I told him (she wants a toaster for her kitchen) and she then quickly turned to him and said, "Colton wants blocks!" I'll call the whole experience a smashing success! After Santa, we went to the Virginia puppet show Macy's puts on, walked up through Bryant Park, grabbed some lunch and then headed to Grand Central to catch the subway home. I love New York at this time of year. Everything is so festive. And spirits really are brighter.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Yesterday morning was Colton's one year well check with his pediatrician (whom I adore). Maybe it's just me but does anyone else feel like you are reporting in to the pediatrician as if your child is on loan from them? It's like I'm seeking her approval that I'm doing ok raising my child. As if she is the owner of my child? It's weird and I'm not sure why I feel that way. However, it is always such a wonderful feeling to leave the doctor with a clean bill of health and a reassurance that I'm doing something right. Colton was charming for the most part until the dreaded shots. Sadie has always been such an angel with shots. She hasn't cried for any shots since before she turned two. And even when she was a baby, I don't remember things being all that bad. She cried, but recovered quickly. Colton on the other hand was not having it. And to his credit, he did have to sit through six shots all preceded by a finger prick with a blood draw. The finger prick was more of an annoyance to him. But the shots, oh the shots. It was sad. And I'm usually pretty tough because I know the shots are to protect them. But his little face was so so sad. He screamed - a scream like I have never before heard. And the alligator tears were flowing down his squishy cheeks! The little dot band-aids the nurse kept putting on got rubbed right off. And I came out of it with my own battle wounds (dots of blood) all over my shirt. After the nurse finished ALL SIX shots, I snuggled Colton, gave him his paci and his doggie and he started calming down. Meanwhile the nurse was getting regular size band-aids ready to replace all the others that had fallen off. Every time she came closer to replace a bandaid, he looked at her and wailed. So sad! Colton wouldn't so much as look at the sweet nurse without wailing. After I finally got him dressed, packed in the stroller, rain cover on (it was pouring), stroller down the stairs and a few blocks toward home, he fell fast asleep for almost 2 hours! Sleeping through lunch! That is unheard of from my little short napper and never-miss-a-meal little beefer! I of course spoiled him the rest of the day.

For the record, at one year my little big guy's stats:

Weight: 24lb 1oz (69th percentile)
Height: 30.25 inches (65th percentile)
Head Circumference: 47.5cm (80th percentile)

Monday, November 26, 2012

Ice Cream

There was a time a while back when Brett and Sadie would lay on our bed and talk - talk about their day, their hopes and dreams, or really just about anything. It was their thing, their time. It has since evolved. Now, they love to have dessert together.  It's their new thing. I'm generally not invited. And I'm ok with that. Because it's their special time. Last night, they served up ice cream, with milk of course. They sat their chairs off of the carpet ready to watch a General Conference talk (as we try to do most nights). When I looked over, this is what I saw:

Like father, like daughter. I love them.

After Sadie finished her ice cream, she turned and asked me if she could have more. I of course said 'no' especially given the large quantity Brett had served her.  She responded that she was still hungry and then asked, 'Mom, can I have some carrots then?' To which I quickly replied 'Of course!' (I frequently offer vegetables when she tells me she is hungry at times that I think she shouldn't be). She turned around to Brett and enthusiastically said, 'Daddy, mom said that I can have CARROTS!' And then turned to me as she ran in the kitchen and shouted, 'THANKS mom for letting me have carrots!' I love her and her love of vegetables and her ability to be easily pleased.

Speaking of being easily pleased...

A week ago for Family Home Evening, we drew up our Christmas lists as our main activity. My main purpose in doing so was to get Sadie a few more ideas. Whenever anyone would ask her what she wanted for Christmas she would say, 'a princess Barbie.' I'm not opposed to that, but she already has one or two and I think there are a lot of other things that she would enjoy more. So, we looked online for some ideas. She was excited about every. single. one. Brett concluded, 'So pretty much we've learned that Sadie would be happy with anything for Christmas!'

I love my Sadie!

Friday, November 23, 2012

All in a years time

In the past 12 months, Colton...

- Slept a total of 4,859 hours and 16 minutes (that's 1,803 naps or night-time periods of sleep)
- Had 1,909 diapers changed (623 of those being messy)
- Took 120 bottles drinking a total of 3.7 gallons
- Nursed 1,749 times for a total of 347 hours and 41 minutes (and I wonder why I never got anything done)
- Mommy pumped 98 times totaling 14 hours and 58 minutes which produced 3.6 gallons (TMI?)

Note: This is only as accurate as mom, dad and caretakers were diligent. A few chunks of time when mommy worked freelance projects or mommy and daddy went to Paris for 8 days are spottily recorded.

Now that you've read your useless, but fascinating, facts of the day (brought to you courtesy of the BabyConnect app)...

I don't recall time passing this quickly with Sadie, but my oh my has the year just flown by. It seems like yesterday we were bringing Colton home and I was adjusting to life with two. Maybe it seems like yesterday because I am still  trying to adjust to life with two. The second time around it took me about 9 months to get to the point where I felt like I had it more or less together and could get all three of us ready and out the door in a reasonable amount of time. I digress.

Colton is the sweetest little one-year-old. He loves to tackle mommy and give her lots of snuggles. He lights up the minute he sees Sadie. She can get him to giggle like no one else. He knows how to say his nickname 'gugus' as well as 'dada' and occasionally 'mama.' He is working on saying Sadie. Colton loves to play with blocks, give hugs to his stuffed doggie, clap, practice walking, dance and get in to anything and everything he can. His favorite is to work on his newly acquired climbing skill - he climbs on to the big chair then sits back and relaxes with a big grin on his face. He is very ticklish and loves when 'spiders' crawl up his legs all the way to tickle his chest. He is a trooper being dragged all over the city to drop Sadie at school, pick her back up, watch her dance class, run errands with mom, etc. He really is a good little guy and we can't imagine life without him.

In the first year, we have a tradition of monthly photo shoots complete with cupcakes and candles (in the amount of the number of months completed). With Colton we tried to have him debut his new tricks in each monthly photo. Can you tell what he had learned to do each month?

Today we celebrated with our family of four. Colton treated us to an extra hour of sleep this morning. We all greeted him at 7:30 with a rousing rendition of 'Happy Birthday' followed by his favorite breakfast of yogurt and Trader Joes Os. After a long nap, he awoke to a cake smash shoot. For the past twelve months we've put small cupcakes in front of him for our pictures and have been in close proximity so as to save him from eating them. Today when we set him down and told him to have at it, he didn't even care that it was there. After much prodding and a few tastes given to him by daddy, Colton dove in and didn't look back. Sadie waited patiently for her turn to dive in. Presents, a few hours in Central Park and then back home for dinner, dancing around the apartment to Christmas music and bed. All in all the perfect birthday for a little guy.

And now, what you really care about...