Monday, January 25, 2010

Life Changes

This blog has been seriously neglected over the past 6+ months (I know I'm stating the obvious here) and its neglect is indicative of how very much else in my life has been neglected along with it, given that blogging falls relatively low on my list of priorities. The past year has been quite a ride. Exactly one year and five days ago, I returned to my job at an ad agency - a job that I loved (for those of you in the industry, I know that may be hard to believe :)) - and left my little Sadie home with her nanny/babysitter, Rachael, after being home with her for 3 1/2 short months on maternity leave. Going back to work brought new meaning to the word 'balance' (or lack thereof) but over the past year, I've much enjoyed my job and Sadie has been well taken care of. However, in the past few months, Brett and I decided that our family needed a change so I quit the full-time advertising life (for now).

I am now just a few days into this new adventure. And to be quite frank, I miss work (and I think the competitive side of me always will) but I am loving being at home. What have I done thus far? Picked up a lot of toys. over. and over. and over again. Gone through piles and begun to de-clutter everything I haven't had the time to go through in the past year. Played the tickle monster. Swept the floor, cleaned the bathroom, washed the dishes, picked up spilled cheerios. Fed a little one. Made dinner (and not the kind that you call to order and have delivered) - I've actually cooked (a hobby I used to love). Changed diapers. Grocery shopped. Dealt with a few tantrums here and there. Picked up dry cleaning. Sang songs. Danced to children's music. Mailed packages. Read books to Sadie. Wiped a snotty nose again and again. Given lots of kisses. Been able to sit down and have meaningful conversation with my husband in the evenings. Talked lots of baby talk. Caught up with family.

I haven't yet received any thank yous from my new boss Sadie and she hasn't given me any promotions or raises. But she has given me endless kisses (albeit slobbery), lots of good lovins (hugs) and some fun cuddle time. She has also learned to say 'uh-oh spaghetti-o,' 'help,' 'bye-bye,' 'hola,' 'moo,' and 'baa' all on my watch. And how can you not smile and feel so lucky to be called 'mom' when you get to spend your days with this cute face?

I'm grateful for a husband who supports our family so that I can have the opportunity to be at home. I'm so glad I get to choose my family.