Sunday, August 28, 2011

Irene @ 28 weeks

We survived Irene.  I was so busy with work in the days leading up to the hurricane that I didn't follow much about it, but instead heard more updates from family and friends wondering if we were going to be ok.  We had plans to leave on a road trip yesterday, but decided our destination would be following the storm's path and additionally we unfortunately need to spend our much needed vacation time looking for apartments in preparation for our end of September move.  So, we decided to can the trip and do a staycation of sorts.  I finally headed to the store to stock up on supplies on Saturday morning, just in case it knocked out power, etc.  I have never seen lines like that in Manhattan.  I was lucky and picked the right one which only took 20 minutes, but the line next to me took over an hour.  What?!?!  The shelves were looking meager, particularly in the water and bread sections.  I found plenty to stock our cupboards though.  

Once we locked ourselves in for 24 hours, we were just crossing our fingers that the hurricane wouldn't negatively impact our apartment search this coming week.  Thank goodness it was not as bad as it was forecasted it could have been (though I recognize not all areas of the East Coast were as lucky as Manhattan).  In our neighborhood there was nothing much of note.  We just hunkered down and enjoyed some family time inside.  We all slept through the night though baby boy managed to wake me up a few times allowing me to hear the strong winds and pouring rain.

Here is the aftermath of it all.  It's pretty eerie to see the streets of Manhattan so bare - that NEVER happens even at 4am.

On our Sunday afternoon walk to check out Irene's damage.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Peach Picking 2011

We've been doing the apple picking thing for a few years now, but just last year discovered all the fun summer fruits and veggies to be had.  So, yesterday we rented a car and headed out for the day.  As part of my birthday present, Brett had scheduled me a prenatal massage at a salon near the farm so while he and Sadie explored the area, I indulged.  Then we headed to the farm to pick.  I think we did it backwards because after trekking around the farm, I was ready for another massage!  

Last year, little city girl Sadie wouldn't walk through the orchards because the leaves would touch her feet (how dare they) and she would just hold her arms up with a helpless 'rescue me' look on her face.  This year, was totally different - she came out 100% dirty, 100% happy and 200% exhausted (exacerbated by the lack of a nap).  She was quite the helper, though after picking a handful of peaches, she decided collecting sticks was much more fun.  

In addition to peaches, we checked out the raspberries (which were unfortunately very picked over) and then when our friends arrived, we headed to the veggie garden.  I love city living, but it was SO nice to get out for a day.

Baby boy @ 26 weeks

With BFF Madeleine

Can you tell it was the end of the day and someone was tired?  'I will not smile, I won't, I won't, I won't'

Thursday, August 11, 2011


 When Brett asked what I wanted for my birthday, I told him that I just wanted to rent a car and do some fun things outside the city.  So I rented a car for three days and for today and tomorrow (while Brett is working), Sadie and I made some fun plans.  Today we spent the day at the beach in Greenwich, CT.  Our friend Julie came along and Sadie wouldn't let 'Joowie' leave her side.  It was a perfect beach for Sadie with a toddler friendly wading area.  She kept telling me that she wanted to go out in the water by herself - so big and independent.  We're definitely going back next year!

Venturing out with Julie

Julie @ 8 months - isn't she adorable?

Sadie collected lots of shells and rocks to take home and show daddy

1 day shy of 26 weeks