Sunday, July 31, 2011

24 Weeks

Nap time

Today for nap time, Sadie decided to have a little slumber party with duckie and pink baby (as opposed to baby funny, original names, I know).  She carefully placed them on either side and then asked me to cover them all up.  Of course her blankie was a part of the party too.  She's so funny these days.  Every time it is time to go to sleep there is something different she has to have - her cell phone or a little book or her camera or Dumbo or baby funny...  In the last few months she has been asking for us to cover her up and scratch her back before we leave the room.  And did I mention that we transitioned her crib to a toddler bed a few weeks ago?  She's so grown up!  And doing so well in the big girl bed.  She fell out a few times the first night, but has been fine ever since.  And she waits for me to open the door and turn off her white noise in the AM before she hops out of bed.  I miss getting a big hug when I pull her out of her crib.  I guess this means it's time for another baby since she's a big girl!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Doughnuts and water

This morning we headed down to try out Doughnut Plant.  We're not really a doughnut family, but with all the hype it has gotten over the years, we figured it was worth a try.  And I gotta say, as far as doughnuts go, they're pretty darn good.  I picked out various flavors for us to sample specifically getting the Banana Pecan for me.  Sadie decided that my doughnut looked the best and the stinker ate 2/3 of it!  Her tastes must follow mine. 

After doughnuts we walked through Chinatown and down to the Imagination Playground at South Street Seaport to help burn off the calories.  It's been a while since we've been to Chinatown.  Brett made some observations while weaving through the Chinatown crowds.  The overwhelming observation: 'Man, I've never seen so many flip phones in my life!'

Thursday, July 28, 2011


Approximately 33 1/2 months later, we can FINALLY put a single po-po-tail (ponytail) in Sadie's hair.  Brett has tried to get away with it before, but the hair on the sides was just too short so though she had a substantial ponytail in back, from the front she looked a bit more like George Washington than one would hope (a more beautiful version of course).  Just in time for the intense heat that has hit the city!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Baby Brother

These pictures are from a few weeks ago (July 6, 2011).  I had my second anatomy scan of baby brother and since Brett was unable to join, I had Yoselin (Sadie's sitter) bring Sadie so she could see what this "baby in mommy's tummy" business was all about.  Sadie sat still for the first few minutes of the ultrasound and our favorite ultrasound tech was nice enough to flip into 3D various times to help Sadie understand what she was seeing on the screen.  I think Yoselin enjoyed it more than Sadie, it being her first ultrasound experience.  Seriously, having a baby really is just an amazing thing and to see the feisty little guy moving all around inside of me with ten tiny fingers and ten tiny toes and a beating heart and a mouth that moves as if he is trying to tell us something - it's just all so miraculous.  Every time I am in an ultrasound I turn to Brett and say, "That's so crazy, can you believe it?"  I think I'll say that every time, because the miracle of it all will never cease to amaze me.  Anyway, I digress.  Yoselin and Sadie ended up leaving the room halfway through when Sadie decided that the goldfish crackers in her stroller were more interesting than baby brother.  But, when I came out, Sadie said, "Where's baby brother?"  I proceeded to show her the 15 images we got to take home with us to which Sadie responded, "No, I want to hold baby brother."  I laughed and said, "Me too Sadie.  More than you know.  But we both have to wait another 20 weeks!"
We decided to walk home and stopped to celebrate a healthy baby brother (and a thus-far complication free pregnancy since we found out that though the doctor was worried about placenta previa, all is well now).  How did we celebrate?  With Sadie's favorite - pancakes from a diner!  She loves going out to get pancakes.  She'll walk right in the door and before they even seat us, say to the host, "I would like some pancakes please!"  "Coming right up" is always their response :)  We were lucky enough to time it right so we could meet daddy and walk home together.  As you can tell, Sadie was so excited to show Daddy her baby brother - already a proud big sister!

Yesterday, I had a full day.  So I told Sadie that unlike most days that I work, when I come home around 5:45, I wouldn't see her until the next morning.  I explained that I had a few things that night, including a doctor's appointment with the doctor that checks on baby brother.  She ran across the room and said, "Mommy, I go see a movie of baby brother?!?!"  :)

Friday, July 15, 2011

Date Night @ 22 weeks

We've started a Thursday night date night, thanks to a wonderful friend from church.  I had actually made some fun plans downtown but with 110 degree weather, I decided to avoid the subway saunas and stick close to home.  The longer I can make it without elephant ankles, the better!  

Date nights would be a lot more enjoyable if I could kick the never ending nausea.  Unfortunately, at 22 weeks, I think any hopes of feeling better are for naught - at least for the next 18 weeks.

There is finally a little proof that a baby boy is growing inside of me!  I'm ready to actually look pregnant.  I think I definitely look it, but no one on the subway or bus seems to think so.  I'll know it's obvious when I get offered a seat.

Still sporting my pre-pregnancy skinny jeans (though only with the aid of a bellaband).  I think the days of pre-pregnancy pants are quickly coming to a close.  Finding clothes to wear in the morning is rough!

We enjoyed restaurant week at Rosa Mexicano and some nice conversation.  With Brett's new calling, we haven't had as much time in the evenings to catch up.  We're grateful for Thursday night date nights for that reason (among others).