Friday, February 23, 2007

Per Mary's (and all those other folks that signed the "Kris Update Your Blog" petition) request, I think it about time, or way past time to update the blog. It really isn't much of a blog if it never gets any attention. I have no excuses, though it would be quite easy to come up with handfuls of them (i.e. work, a long weekend trip home, work, wedding plans, a fiance, work, bronchitis, work, laziness...). So, what has Kris in NYC been up to in the past two months? I like to sum January up in about one word-work! I feel like I got back from the holidays to triple the work load. I was working at least 3 late nights (meaning 10pm or later) each week with the other "normal nights" putting me home no earlier than 8pm. Talk about overkill. If it was the industry's attempt to burn me out, they just about succeeded. In the few hours that remained aside from work, I managed to spend some time with Brett. Here are just a couple of pictures of our indoor activities (considering the bitter cold that came with winter).

This is when we had a little "Argentine" night. We made "torta frita" and ate it with dulce de leche and any other toppers we could find in the cupboard. Brett even set a cute little table that we could enjoy it to. It turned out well, not as well as those Argentines, but hey, they use lard. I mean really, everything tastes better when it has lard in it.
Brett and I frequently have what we like to call "Sudoku challenge." We have matching Sudoku books that he got for free from a client presentation (thanks Microsoft) so we do the same puzzle and see who can finish first. You'll have to ask Brett what the score is...I like to think that my new nickname will be "Queen of the Sudoku." Ok, so the secret is out, we're big nerds...and we're proud of it.
Brett surprised me for Valentine's Day. Well, in theory in was to be a surprise and he was doing a great job hiding it. I had no idea. It wasn't until he called me right after lunchtime on the V-day that I knew. Well, he told me because he found out (from his little helper) that I would likely be working very late that night, so he needed to know if it would be worth it for him to come considering he would have to be back in Philly by 9am the next morning for a mandatory class. In addition, it was right as the big storm was hitting our part of the country, so he had to plan ahead. Although I ended up knowing, it was a great surprise. This is us walking back to my apartment after a delicious dinner at an Argentine restaurant, Pampa (my sister saw it featured on the cooking channel), on the West side. We walked in the bitter cold and snow. Do we look cold?

I know, this was a thrilling post. Now maybe all you petition signers will think twice about the next blog petition that you sign. At least by not signing you won't be obligated to read the not-so-awe-inspiring posts from Kris in NYC.