Sunday, March 04, 2007

I went home for President's Day weekend to work on wedding plans. Getting there was my first real experience dealing with weather delays in airports. I'm hoping to never have to deal with such delays again. After three hours of sleep, transferring to a different airport, and flying through Miami, I arrived in LA 14 hours later than planned. As a result, I missed all of my Friday appointments, but managed to fit most of them in at other points in the weekend. Saturday morning some of my friends threw me a bridal shower. It was tons of fun. But can I just say...I've awaited the day that I would be the bride and looked forward to being "showered" with gifts and attention. Well, the day came and it was kind of hard to be the center of attention. People are just so nice and I just felt like, "Why do I deserve this?" So nice though. I came back to New York with a good start for the apartment that Brett and I will hopefully soon find. Ok, here are some shower pictures:

Here is the cute little set-up of the brunch and treats with Ruthie G gracing us with her presence in the background:

Just opening up some gifts. That's my mother-in-law to be sitting next to me. Isn't she adorable?
My mother-in-law gave me some nice things. The picture below was definitely the hit of the shower. This is a cross-stitch that Brett did when he was a little boy. It was hanging in her house. Now it gets to hang in mine :)
Just a few friends. Jenny was my roommate in college. Emily and I went to high school together and hung out in college.
There I am with the ribbon bouquet and Ruthie G who assembled it for me. What talent she has. She will be doing my real bouquet.