Thursday, November 30, 2006

Lighting the tree in Rockefeller Plaza

So last night I was fortunate enough to get off of work in time to go to see the tree lighting in Rockefeller Plaza. Unfortunately, getting off of work in time doesn't mean getting off early enough to beat the crowds. I went with some friends and things were looking great until we came to a stand still about 200 feet from being in view of everything. We sat there for a good 10 minutes debating whether we should stay or not. People were so impatient, we even had a woman next to us screaming at someone trying to push by her. Poor thing, I wanted to sing a nice hymn in her ear to bring the Christmas spirit back. Anyway, we decided to leave and pushed our way back out. We went to Bryant Park, where the tree was lit a few days ago, and walked through the holiday shops. To make the night more personal, we closed our eyes and then opened them to get the effect of a tree lighting.

The pictures:
On 5th Avenue...I thought the snowflakes were fun...they even danced with the music.
Ade and I standing by the tree in Bryant Park.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade!

Well, I had a wonderful Thanksgiving. It was my first in New York and my was it fun. Growing up it wasn't Thanksgiving unless we woke up to the Macy's parade. This year was no exception. Instead of waking up to it on TV, I woke up to it right in front of my eyes. To keep it short, Brett and I were planning on getting up bright and early (as in 6am). However, when we woke up, it was pouring rain. Who wants to stand out in the rain for three hours? So I made the executive decision to sleep an hour or so longer, after all, who wants to get up at 6am on a holiday? We got up and left around 8:15, got to the parade at about 8:40 and got a wonderful spot. We were even stationed right under a scaffolding, so no umbrellas necessary. It was beautiful for the first half hour of the parade before it started raining again. We stayed til about 10:30 and left as Mr. Potato Head was making his way down the street. I took quite a few pictures and will be posting those right along with this.

This is just for you Kari...the cast of High School Musical!

Check out the size of that Snoopy...he didn't even fit into the camera :)

"Thomas, Thomas Turkey..." Need I say more mom?

Just the two of us with "Bob Esponja" in the background.

Check out the crowds...

This is as far as we got. Nicholas, this picture is just for you my little man!

Here we are on the way to the subway...aren't we cute? You've gotta love Brett's bedhead (and to think that people pay to make it look like that) and my mismatched beanie, but hey, I have to sport the beanies that I make.

The rest of Thanksgiving was wonderful, I mean really, it can't be anything otherwise if you've got turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and the rest of the works and some tasty homemade pie to top it all off. The Campbell's were so sweet to us...all I had to do was get myself there. Check out the picture of our feast fit for a king!

Just sitting down to dinner...mmm, mmm good!