Monday, November 26, 2012

Ice Cream

There was a time a while back when Brett and Sadie would lay on our bed and talk - talk about their day, their hopes and dreams, or really just about anything. It was their thing, their time. It has since evolved. Now, they love to have dessert together.  It's their new thing. I'm generally not invited. And I'm ok with that. Because it's their special time. Last night, they served up ice cream, with milk of course. They sat their chairs off of the carpet ready to watch a General Conference talk (as we try to do most nights). When I looked over, this is what I saw:

Like father, like daughter. I love them.

After Sadie finished her ice cream, she turned and asked me if she could have more. I of course said 'no' especially given the large quantity Brett had served her.  She responded that she was still hungry and then asked, 'Mom, can I have some carrots then?' To which I quickly replied 'Of course!' (I frequently offer vegetables when she tells me she is hungry at times that I think she shouldn't be). She turned around to Brett and enthusiastically said, 'Daddy, mom said that I can have CARROTS!' And then turned to me as she ran in the kitchen and shouted, 'THANKS mom for letting me have carrots!' I love her and her love of vegetables and her ability to be easily pleased.

Speaking of being easily pleased...

A week ago for Family Home Evening, we drew up our Christmas lists as our main activity. My main purpose in doing so was to get Sadie a few more ideas. Whenever anyone would ask her what she wanted for Christmas she would say, 'a princess Barbie.' I'm not opposed to that, but she already has one or two and I think there are a lot of other things that she would enjoy more. So, we looked online for some ideas. She was excited about every. single. one. Brett concluded, 'So pretty much we've learned that Sadie would be happy with anything for Christmas!'

I love my Sadie!

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