Sunday, January 13, 2013


As Christmas was approaching, I talked to Sadie about the fact that she needed to get a present for Daddy as well as for Colton. I asked her what she wanted to get them and she quickly responded with her default gift answer, 'a car!' Well, since she got a cool toy car for Brett for his birthday last year and Colton had just received four wooden toy cars for his birthday, I suggested that maybe we get something else for them. She thought about it and said that she wanted to get them ties - matching ties! So that we did! She and I sat looking online for matching tie sets one weekday while Colton was napping. Once I found the place I wanted to order from, I showed her the options. She was adamant about the 'blue and black striped one' after I dissuaded her from a few others that I figured wouldn't be Brett's favorite. She could hardly wait for them to wear them to church. And of course, that took a few weeks. The Sunday after Christmas Sadie was home sick and so subsequently Colton was also home with me. Last Sunday, Brett had to fly out first thing in the morning to San Francisco for a conference. So, today was finally the day. And Sadie was excited! We love our handsome boys!

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