Friday, May 17, 2013

Parents Night Out

Sadie's little preschool does a monthly 'Parents Night Out' where the kids get to go to school in their pajamas from 5:30 - 8:30pm. They play, have dinner, play some more and then end the night with popcorn and a movie. Sadie LOVES it! The whole idea is to give us a night to go out, but if I'm going to pay a babysitter, I'm going to pay one for both kids. So, depending on the month, we've done Mommy/Son dates while daddy worked or spent one-on-one time with Colton before putting him down for the night at 7. This time, daddy was able to come home a bit early from work and we all got to walk Sadie up to preschool together. Since the weather has been gorgeous, we took Colton to the park then grabbed some lobster, shrimp and crab rolls and ice cream before heading home to put him to bed. We had a bit of fun playing with our new camera and Colton was an incredibly willing subject.

It was nice to spend one on one time catering to Colton. I feel like we generally cater our outdoor (and indoor) activities to Sadie and he just comes along for the ride, but today we got to do what he wanted to do. He's such a good little one albeit addicted to his paci and his doggie or teddy (teddy became our back up when he lost his back up doggie...for the second, or third, time).  He loves playing with the tags on them or using the tags as a paci if he doesn't have one in his mouth. I try to limit them to nap and bedtime or to long stroller rides (which is multiple times a day), but somehow he'll find them and sneak them throughout the day. I love how he'll cross his little ankles in the stroller when he's relaxed with paci and doggie.

Sadie is such a great sidekick. She is a fabulous little walker - she can walk for miles without batting an eye. Often she'll ride her scooter ahead of me, but lately she's just wanted to walk and talk. We look for shapes, letters, talk about our day and lately we've been working on similes. I start one she finishes it, and vice versa.