Friday, August 15, 2008

And now I know why...

For a background refer here. As I was on my way to a dr appt this afternoon I quickly discovered why I didn't say anything to 'girl with no manners' on the subway a few weeks ago. Of course I was in a rush and stepped onto the express train into an overcrowded car with NO air conditioning. Considering I was only going one stop, I didn't find it to be too much of a misfortune. The train had barely pulled out of the station when I witnessed the following:

An African American man in his 40s is seated next to a Caucasian woman in her 50s. He begins screaming at her (note: she is sitting right beside him - she can obviously hear him).


He proceeded to scream at her for a while before she got fiesty and dished it right back at him also at the top of her lungs. This went on for a minute before red-headed man standing next to me got involved. He starts screaming at the African American man telling him to show some respect to the woman. To which our friend responds:

"YOU KEEP YOURSELF OUT OF THIS. THIS WOMAN NEEDS TO LEARN SOME MANNERS. YOU WANT A PIECE OF ME? I CAN TAKE YOU!" all the while including some choice expletives between every few words.

I thought a fight was going to break out all in a matter of two minutes, fortunately no physical fights, just words. Two other women starting screaming their own opinions, one yelling at the original man and woman to show some respect as her young daughter was seated right next to them and another woman standing in front of me starting yelling: "Everyone just shut up, shut up! We all want to get off of this $@*&## hot subway..."

It was quite the ride. I was just concerned about getting out of there before a fight broke out so I could get to my dr appt. And you better believe I rushed right out of that subway car when we arrived at 86th Street!

I think I made a wise choice to bite my tongue when 'Ms. No-Manners' sneezed in my face a few weeks ago.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

My latest obsession...

I just LOVE the Olympics and it's been 8 years since I was able to be part of the summer games (4 years ago I was in Argentina spreading the good word). I've been captivated by it all. And these girls kept me up WAY past my bedtime the other night. That's an amazing feat, considering that as of lately I can barely keep my eyes open after 9pm. They managed to keep me up til well after 1am!
Note: I dreamed of doing gymnastics growing up but remember people telling me I was just too tall! In my next life I think I'll be a gymnast and if in fact there are olympics in the world to out, cuz I'll be going for the gold!

UH-MAZING! He makes it look easy!

Looking forward to watching more of the games tonight!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Just for my mom!

Last night we did laundry for the first time with our nifty laundry backpacks that she (and the rest of my fam) got me for my brithday. It took laundry to a whole new level! We love them! Thanks!

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Happy Birthday to me!

Yesterday was the birthday of all birthdays...08.08.08!!! When I was little I remember always wishing that I had been born a few (and some) years later so my birth date could be 08.08.88. Oh the things we wish for when we're little! My other big wish was always that my name could be changed to either Stacy or Lisa. Thank goodness I got over that one and I got over those names, our daughter will not be named either :)

Anyway, 08.08.08 was a fabulous day - how could it not be when you have the day off of work, the cutest husband, good friends and family that call to wish you well and the opening ceremonies of the summer Olympics?!?!?!

I was pretty excited to have a free morning to clean (I know, who says that? Growing up we looked forward to birthdays because it meant we didn't have to do dishes or any chores for that matter AND we got to sit in the front seat...which for me was a treat since I was never the oldest so I always ended up in the back...I guess my kids will never know the joys of the front seat on their birthday as long as we're in NYC.)

I also got to pamper myself with a pedicure from my favorite place around the corner from our old apartment. There's nothing like a good pedicure!!!

Brett got off of work early so we could spend the afternoon and evening together. He's always so thoughtful in his planning and also very good at themed gifts/celebrations. So here's a little documentation of present opening...

So the first two weren't themed, but everything else was. Brett thought he would be funny and wrap up his CFA books that just arrived for him to prep for the big December test...can you tell by the look on my face how amused I was? :)

By the time I get through those books, I'll be a professional photographer! Looking forward to testing my skills out on baby girl G!

After opening gifts we headed to the Met to check out their photography exhibit (notice the theme stringing through) and also a cool exhibit on the roof that we'd been wanting to check out.

Loved the view of the city from the roof!
Jeff Koons exhibit on the roof...
Then we headed to dinner at a favorite Japanese restaurant of ours before going back home to catch some of the opening ceremonies (I just love the Olympics!)

Enjoying our new gadget (yes mom, I was actually reading the directions before trying it out...I've learned my lesson time and time again!)
All in all it was a good birthday...

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Guess who's home?!?!?!

This cute guy just arrived home a few minutes ago! I sure wish I could have been there to welcome him!
Welcome home Elder Nicholas! We've missed you!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

T minus 9 weeks and counting...

This was taken over the weekend at 30 1/2 weeks - today marks 31 weeks. She's definitely growing, in fact, at her last appointment she was measuring in the 89th percentile (meaning she was measuring the size of a 34-35 week baby). Looks like she's gonna take after her momma!

Brooklyn's Blessing

This weekend we spent out in York for the blessing of baby Brooklyn. It was a fun-filled weekend and we were fortunate enough to spend a few more days with my parents and Kari before they headed back to California.

When we got in late Friday night, we were welcomed by ice cream and an early birthday present for me from my family. One of my presents was a laundry backpack! Looking forward to doing laundry this will be A LOT easier to haul to the laundromat with this puppy!
They even sang me our birthday song with a candle in a cookie and all.
And of course we got lots of Brooklyn time in - it may have just been our last chance to practice before our little angel arrives in October.
Grandma and Grandpa made sure to get their fill of little miss Brooklyn since they won't see her for a while!
The boys went golfing while the girls went shopping (I think I completed my maternity wardrobe...hurray!)
And the real reason for being there was this precious little one.
What a beautiful day for a blessing...check out that gorgeous sky!
We all wanted to pose with the baby of the day!
Love this one of the sisters (Kath, we missed you!).
Thanks for a fabulous weekend everyone! We miss you already!