Monday, September 24, 2012

Rice Cakes!

When it comes to food, Colton is easily satisfied by pretty much any pureed fruit or vegetable. Now that he is getting to the age of self feeding, we are exploring new things that he will eat. The one thing that never fails right now are rice cakes. He LOVES them. The minute he sees me pull out a bag of rice cakes he beams and pants in excitement! You can't get it into his hands fast enough. In an effort to minimize the mess of the rice cake, he kindly obliged and sat in his high chair for this. I could get over his cute little chubby, naked self just lounging with one leg up enjoying his favorite snack!

Sunday, September 02, 2012

Morning Light

We got back from Paris yesterday. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves but I was ready to see my cute kidlets! I wasn't quite sure how welcoming they would be when we walked in the door. My mom has always told me how I would punish her for a few days after she'd returned from a trip. I figured Sadie might do the same. Surprisingly Sadie was fine - happy to see us and excited to see what Parisian treasures we'd brought her. Colton on the other hand was just confused. Geff and Colton were waiting at the elevator coming down to meet us. To their surprise we stepped off the elevator first. Colton was in his stroller and I of course went right to him. I smiled at him and talked to him. He just stared a BIG BLANK stare. He looked at me, looked back at Geff, then looked back at me, then back at Geff. He did that a few times and then proceeded to just cry! Poor buddy was so incredibly confused! He didn't want me at all. I tried to hold him, he reached out to Geff. Then once inside the apartment he saw Carol, reached out for her and just kept going back and forth trying to figure out who he actually wanted. We had to let him work on it on his own. After we hugged Sadie, we sat on the floor to hand out the gifts we'd brought. Colton slowly but surely warmed back up to us and by the time he went to bed, he was pretty happy to be with any of the four of us. Cute boy!

This morning we were up bright and early (still on Paris time) and Colton is always up early, so we got to spend some good one on one time with him. There is nothing like the morning light shining through on a baby!