Thursday, September 25, 2008

How did I get so lucky?

I have to give a shout out to my cute husband for all he's been doing. As if having a pregnant wife just weeks from delivery isn't enough, he's also dealing with the collapse of Wall Street (and since he covers AIG, he's had A LOT to deal with). The poor guy has been going into the office early (and when you have to be there by 6:30am normally, going in early takes on a whole new meaning) and staying late every single day for the past two weeks. We haven't had dinner together in I don't know how long and I'm lucky if we get 10 minutes of talking time in before one of us nods off to sleep. (Not that I'm complaining, we're so blessed to have the great jobs that we do, particularly in this economy).

Despite the stressful times at work, he's managed to still be around for baby girl G and me. How in the world did I get so lucky to have someone that:
- took the time on Saturday (that he didn't have) to come with me to Buy Buy Baby (way better than Babies R Us) to get all of the last minute necessities so that I didn't have to carry them home by myself on the subway (because I'm just way too cheap to take a cab)
- came home Sunday after he'd finished counting tithing and was about to hit the books to study for the CFA, only to first clean the main room and vacuum cuz he could see just how exhausted I was
- has done the laundry pretty much 100% of the time for the last few months so I don't have to carry it up and down the stairs (though I did take care of the laundry this past weekend, he was there to carry it back up after I'd finished folding it)
- nested for me back at the end of August when he had a few days off of work (and I didn't)...seriously he re-organized the entire apartment and did a fabulous job of it!
- does the dishes - hands down he has washed at least twice as many dishes as I have in our marriage (and the only times I really wash them are when he's working late)
- takes the trash downstairs so I don't have to go up and down the stairs (do we see a recurring theme of these stairs?)
- insists that I call him as soon as I finish grocery shopping so he can carry it all up (and gets mad at me when I buy too much when he's not home and then insist on carrying it up myself instead of leaving it downstairs for him to take up when he gets home)
- rubs my swollen ankles and helps me put on the support socks I wear at night to ease the swelling
- listens to a detailed description of my day including all of the (I'm sure boring to him) ins and outs of my job and my frustrations with things
- doesn't judge me for my fears, weaknesses and many flaws

He's been good to me and I love him. His admin tells him that I deserve praise for still working full-time so close to delivery...I think, however, he is the one that deserves the praise. We're looking forward to a few quiet (well, I guess quiet isn't quite the word...maybe Wall Street and advertising free) days post baby just to enjoy our little family.

Hang in there Brett...though Wall Street may be crashing around you, baby girl G and I love you!

Update on the baby front

With just under two weeks until EDD (Expected Date of Delivery), thought some of you might want an update.

I had an appt earlier today and not surprisingly, she's still measuring big. Her head is measuring the size of a 42 weeker (she's only 38 weeks and 1 day)...yikes! Then, as the doctor was measuring her femur he said, "She's got some LONG legs...wonder where she gets that?!?!" Like mother, like daugther :) Baby girl G, you'll appreciate those long legs as you get older.

Tomorrow we go for a growth scan to see just how big she really is. Unless she's already a monstrous size, the plan is to let her come when she's ready (and neither my dr nor my mom think that will be happening anytime before October 8th). So in the meantime, I'm bringing home some of the bacon and using the last few weeks to get ready. I'm making plans with friends, walking lots and of course climbing countless stairs (who needs a stairmaster when you've got a 5th floor walk-up and a daily subway commute that involves lots of stairs that you pretty much have to run up to keep from getting trampled in the rush hour crowds?)

I'll post a 38 week picture tonight and hopefully an ultrasound picture tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Looking forward to...

  • fall...the crisp mornings, the leaves changing, apple picking, wearing sweaters, and everything else that comes with the season (look out, California girl is turning east coast...I never thought I'd love the seasons like I'm starting to)
  • meeting baby girl G...I'm so curious to know what she looks like and get to know her personality more than by her kicking
  • having a waist again! In my dreams I imagine that the baby will come and all of a sudden I'll be back to my old body. If only that were true, but let me at least dream about it for a few more days until reality sets in!
  • wearing fall clothes (and especially non-maternity ones)...I feel like I'll have so many more options
  • introducing baby girl G to shopping the sales around the city...I haven't loved shopping like I used to over the past 9 months...looking forward to loving it again and teaching my little girl to appreciate (and spot) a good deal!
  • running in Central Park...I've had oh so many desires lately to go and workout but alas, by the time I arrive home my exhaustion (and belly) get the best of me
  • spending time with Brett and baby girl G at home...our time off has always consisted of going somewhere...this time we'll get some time at home together...a little time off for him right when she's born and then some more time once grandmas and grandpas have spoiled us with help
  • having a few weeks with my mom to learn all that she knows about motherhood (she's a pro)'s not often that you get one-on-one time with mom in a family of five

Now if I only had time to nest...I'm ready (got tons of projects I want to do in my head and almost as many written on endless lists around the house), but by the time I get off work at night my nesting energy is spent.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Re: Important Question

So maybe it wasn't so important, but Brett emailed me at work just prior to my posting asking whether I use one or two spaces. My response: "Two...that's what I was taught and though a lot of people now only do one, I just can't break my habit. In fact, I add a space when I get documents that have only one space in between sentences." I know that one is technically correct, but I just can't change that habit. Maybe I should though so that I can teach my own kids the correct ways. Brett too used to use two until he started working and publishing - now he's a one spacer.

Thanks for your responses, I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one that can't break the habit of two.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Important Question

Do you put one or two spaces after a sentence when you type? Brett and I have started taking a poll and we're curious what you do and why. Leave us a comment and let us know.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

These two cute lovebirds celebrate their 32nd anniversary today! How fitting that this morning on the Today show, there was a segment about 'beating the marriage odds' in this day and age. The couple featured on the segment had been married for 27 years. If they've beat the odds (and they didn't even have kids), than my parents have done much better than that with 5 years and 5 kids on the other couple!
I'm grateful for the example my parents have given me over the course of their marriage (or at least since I've been part of the family). I can honestly say that I never really saw them fight, raise their voices at one another, or demean the other. I love that they always tried to be on the same page and though at times I would have loved to have been able to count on one of them giving into me when I knew the other one wouldn't, they were just so good about making sure that they both agreed before allowing anything. They gave me a home that a little kid could only dream of. And now I just hope that I can follow their example and be half the parent to my little ones that they have been to me.
Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad! Here's to at least 32 more!

A Cure for the Common Cold

Our internet is finally up and running again, the pictures are downloaded to the computer and yet, I haven't posted any updates in a while. I have no excuses except for the fact that upon arriving back from Denver on Sunday afternoon, I caught the worst cold I've had in a while (maybe being 8 months pregnant is adding to the misery of it). But at least this gives me hope that someday this little illness will die!

I promise some serious updates once I'm feeling better.