Saturday, October 10, 2009

Sadie's First Birthday Party

Sadie had so much fun at her birthday party. She was very friendly, making the rounds from guest to guest (whomever had goldfish or watermelon to share, of course). She was extremely neat, clean and dainty with her cake - just like a little lady should be. Thanks to everyone who came to celebrate with us (and a big thanks to my friend Hayden who made the beautiful cake)!We enjoyed some of Sadie's favorite foods...
Happy Birthday Sadie Bear!

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

One year ago today...

...Brett and I awoke oblivious to the fact that this day we would embark on a new journey together - the journey of parenthood.
...I was fully planning to go into work.
...I suddenly awakened when my water broke (thank goodness it was 6:30am in bed and not 9:30am on the subway).
...we spent the day in a hospital room overlooking Central Park.
...we (read Brett) watched the presidential debate between contractions.
...I learned the meaning of pain and endurance.
...we didn't know what sleep deprived meant. appreciation for my parents exponentially increased.
...the most beautiful little girl graced us with her presence (and she grows more beautiful by the day).
...I held MY little girl in my arms for the very first time and fell instantly in love. the end of the night, within an hour of Sadie's arrival, I said what I swore during the first trimester of pregnancy and the roughest point of labor I would never say - you really do forget and it really is all worth it.
...the focus of my concern instantaneously shifted to the little life that was sent to me.
...I began to understand why my mom worried so much for me.
...our lives were forever changed - the best kind of change one could ask for.
...we had no idea just how much joy little Sadie would bring into our lives!

Happy 1st Birthday Sadie Grace! We love you and couldn't imagine life without you!

*all ready to open her presents!

* Opening her presents from her California cousins via Google Video