Sunday, September 04, 2011

29 Weeks

Taken on our walk today @ Sutton Place Park

My Sadie Lady

Sadie is at such a fun age!  Everytime I think she can't get any cuter, she does.  She definitely has her moments and can be as stubborn as a mule (she must get that from her daddy, there's no way I'm that stubborn :)) but her cute moments always trump the others.  Just some things I want to remember about her at this stage.

- She has to carry a purse with her EVERYWHERE she goes.  We don't leave home without at least one purse, often more.  They are always stuffed to the brim with her essentials: keys, cell phones (usually 2 or 3), her 'Cosi card' (which acts as her credit card), her 'wips' (pretend chapstick) and various folded up papers that she finds around the house.
- Loves to sing.  She makes up songs and sings songs she has learned in nursery or songs from the media.  Her latest song she has made up is called 'Dr. Huevo.'
- Is the most polite little girl.  When people compliment her on anything, she immediately says, 'thank you.'  And if Brett or I forget to say thank you, she always prompts us, 'Mommy, say thank you' and then follows up with a 'you're welcome.'
- Recognizes the difference between Spanish and English.  Her library contains a mix of Spanish and English books.  When I translate an English one into Spanish she says, "No Mommy, that's not Spanish."  And when we read about the Big Sur coastline in her Good Night, California she laughs because she recognizes that sur is in Spanish.
- She knows all of her letters and as we are out and about in the city, she points out the letters that she sees and tells me how many of each letter there are.  She particularly loves to point to all the letters in the taxi and tell me what they are.
- She's pretty good at her numbers.  She can count to 15 in English and 10 in Spanish.  She recognizes the numbers but gets a bit confused between the Spanish and English.  She's better at correlating the number to it's Spanish name than to its English one.
- Sadie is very generous and always volunteers to pay for things.  Just yesterday she paid (with her 'Cosi card') for a pair of shoes for Daddy.  She always has to take a turn sliding her card at the grocery store and in taxis.
- She gets SO excited to see Daddy at church on Sunday mornings.  He has pretty much always had early meetings since she was born, so we meet him there.  And now that he is in the bishopric, she loves to hang out with him before church starts and then check in with him after Sacrament Meeting is over.  It helps me get there on time because I know if I don't, she'll run into church yelling "Daddy" while Sacrament Meeting is in progress.
- After she has spent all day with Yoselin, while Brett and I are at work, she gets used to directing all her commentary to Yoselin.  So, when we get home, she'll get confused and still say 'Yoselin look!' and then laugh at herself when she realizes it's actually mommy or daddy.
- Sadie is super friendly.  She will have a conversation with just about anybody.  But once she starts talking, you can't get her to stop.  She'll tell them everything - 'Look at my pink dress.  I have a cell phone. I have a baby brudder.'
- She loves a good back rub.  Before nap or bed, she'll say, 'Wub my back please.'
- Loves to give daddy shoulder massages after she has finished her dinner and he is still eating his.  It's not the same with mommy, I don't get diddly when it comes to shoulder massages.
- Has taken a particular liking to her daddy lately.  Mommy is always the one to read her books at bedtime, but after I tuck her in, she says, 'I want my daddy.'  So he has to go in and sing her a song and rub her back.

Quotable from today:

As I was draining the broccoli I had steamed: "Look mom, the broccoli is getting the pee-pees out."

We just love her!