Saturday, February 02, 2013

The little things

I am not a morning person. I really wish I was. But I'm not. I am 100% night owl. I could stay up all night long every night, if only I were able to sleep in all morning. But alas, there are the littles. And they seem to love mornings. So, up I get. Long before I ever want to. I know there are moms who wake up before their kids and get ready for the day. I'm sure it would be nice. Showering in peace. Actually getting dressed and feeling put together. I should do it. But sleep is so much more enticing at 5:30am. So, Colton drags me out of bed before the sun is evening shining. And Sadie pops out of her room almost precisely at 7:06 every morning. And they're happy happy happy. I think it's their favorite time of day. They play so nicely. And most of the time, I try to grab a few more zzz's on the couch. Until one of them pulls me off the couch begging for breakfast. 

I rang in the New Year with a resolution to kick this "sleeping on the couch in the morning" habit. Because seriously, I may have had an excuse when Colton was first born, but now he's 14 months and really, that excuse was gone many many MANY months ago when he started sleeping through the night. But of course, I had to be tried. Colton has been working on a molar the past few weeks and it just will not come through. The poor guy has had some miserable days and even more miserable nights and I've had the privilege to share those with him. A few weeks ago, after a particularly bad night, I was desperate for sleep. So Colton played and I sat Sadie at the table with sugary cereal (which I rarely keep around the house) and put PBS Kids on. She was in heaven. And I looked over at her and couldn't help but get off the couch and snap a few pictures. She is easily pleased.

And while we're on the topic of Sadie, this little girl is just the best. She really is my best little friend. She loves life. Every morning when she wakes up she asks lots of questions. "Mom, what day is it today?" "Is it school today?" "Is daddy at work?" If Brett is at work, "Awww! Why does daddy have to work? I miss him!" "What are we going to do today?" "What friends am I going to see today?" "Where are we going today?" She is social and loves to get together with friends, no matter if they are her age or not. Most of the time when we walk out of our building she informs the doormen where we are going. "I'm going to school, but Colty's not, he has to take a nap!" "I get to go swimming with Tori and Kate is going to be there too!" I love her enthusiasm for life. And I love that whether we're running errands or going to something fun, she thinks it's awesome and wants to be a part.

As of late, she has also started to thank me for making meals. We'll sit down at the dinner table and she'll look over at me and say, "Mom, thank you for preparing this dinner!" or "Mom, I appreciate you making dinner." And when I ask her to do things, she let's out an enthusiastic "Shh-ure!" (Note: she does many a moment where she refuses to do what I ask and those refusals can be as harshly intense as her 'sures' are enthusiastic).

She keeps me on my toes and is never afraid to call me out on things. "Mom, I don't like that tone of voice." "Mom, you're not being very nice." And sometimes when she asks if she can do something/go somewhere and I say "Let me think about it" she will give me a minute and then say "Mom, can you think about it now please?" We love our little Sadie. She is growing up all too quickly!

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Elizabeth said...

Sadie is so grown up. I'm with you--I'm still a night owl. That is what I love about vacation from school--a sleep in day!!