Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

Per tradition (3 years and counting), we ventured over to see the Macy's balloon inflation on the eve of Thanksgiving.  Brett even got to join us this year (along with thousands of others).  Sadie is really catching onto this holiday thing and enjoyed seeing the big 'buh-woons' (balloons).

Inflation of the red elf
Possibly Sadie's favorite 'buh-woon' - the 'wah-bit' (rabbit).
 This morning we enjoyed viewing the parade from my office in Herald Square.  Sadie favored the street view as opposed to the 11th floor view. 


My two favorite people
 And this afternoon, we enjoyed a tasty meal with friends - we managed to comfortably host 14 adults and 4 little ones.  

Do you remember the kids' table growing up?  And how you always ended up stuck there when you were 12 and all the rest of the kids were under 6?  I was glad to finally NOT be stuck at that table.

 My second turkey of all time was a success - thank you Williams-Sonoma for your recipe.
 Almost the entire adult group.

We are grateful for our little family, our jobs, our home, our wonderful extended family, great friends, and our faith. Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 15, 2010

This morning we hosted a little Thanksgiving playgroup where we made apple turkeys and then baked some apple pocket pies.  My hands were too dirty the entire time to capture pictures of all the kids gathered around, but I did manage to snap a few of Sadie at the end.  We have quite the little baker on our hands!  When all the other kids had moved on to something else, Sadie was still at it.  And she even made more this afternoon with her friend Evelyn.  And then, tonight when the house was quiet, I took my turn.

Ready to attack

Sadie and her best little friend Madeleine.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday Afternoon Walk

We swung by the park and Sadie showed off her recently acquired climbing skills.

Sadie sat down in the middle of the sidewalk for a break.  Naturally, Brett started shooting and utilized car headlights for photo lighting.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Afternoon at the Park

Today was uncharacteristically warm, so obviously we spent lots of time outside.  
One of our favorite parks is at 49th and the FDR.

Showing me the castle (read: pile of sand) she's about to build.

I'm sure going to miss this cute diaper bum (but not the changes it requires) once she's potty trained.
Trying out the big girl swings while she waits her turn for the baby ones.

Sunday, November 07, 2010

our sunday

sadie has been a bit under the weather.  since we couldn't go to church and had to get out, we spent a bit of time checking out the nyc marathon.  we live a few blocks south of the queensboro bridge so we could see from our window and walk a few blocks north to watch the runners come off the bridge and turn up first avenue.

waiting for the runners. we saw the first pack of men.

heading home after a battle to get back into the stroller.  like always, mommy won that one and she wasn't too happy about it.

the view from our bedroom window (much later in the afternoon with a sea of runners)
sadie was wanting some daddy time (since he was in meetings and at church all morning) and wanting a bit more outside time.  brett was on the phone, but sadie got the both of them ready while he finished up his conversation (although the outfit she put together for him may have consisted of basketball shorts, dress shoes and a winter coat :)).  then they headed out on a walk to the east river.
headed out the door with her new 'rana' hat and gloves.

taking a breather on the east river.
we still have a lot of apples from our apple picking adventure a month ago so we enjoyed a homemade french apple pie.

Monday, November 01, 2010


this was the first year that i've been really excited for halloween since sadie is a bit more into it.  we celebrated twice - once in california and once in new york.  more pictures to come.

sadie really hated putting the costume on, but after she figured out that putting the costume on meant getting 'canny,' she obliged.  she ate way too many treats but we hid all her loot after she went to bed last night and she hasn't even asked for it.  i think this may be the last year i get to enjoy her 'out of sight, out of mind' mentality. 

that candy has been the bane of our existence though - i think brett and i have just about consumed our weight in candy.

'i wan dis mommy'

 of course i'll smile for you with my bag of 'eh-nems'