Monday, October 30, 2006

Holy Toledo!

Last weekend Brett and I went to Toledo to visit my sister and meet her beau, Kyle. We spent a wonderful weekend together. Friday night was the Pumpkin Carving Party at her house. She and Kyle won the contest for the best carving…they designed it themselves…check out how cool it looks.

Saturday we went to a corn maze since neither of the boys had been to one. We made it a race to see which couple could make it to the end first. Brett and I kicked some serious trash on that one. We were waiting for Kirsten and Kyle for like 15 minutes. Maybe they just conveniently found lots of “dead ends.” After some contemplation on that, Brett and I wished we had done the same.

Sunday we made a gourmet dinner and enjoyed it on fine china with personalized name tags and all.

It was so nice to spend time with them and to spend time away from the big city. Such tranquility! You don't realize how much you miss that life until you're back in it.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

The Proposal

Here’s the story. I started work on Wednesday (FYI: at an ad agency in the city working for the Pepperidge Farm account…yum, lots of free cookies and goldfish), so yesterday I was working. Brett had told me that he was going to come up to see me and spend the weekend with me. He met me at work and from there it all began. We proceeded to take the subway from Grand Central Station to the Upper East Side, where we began. Both Brett and I lived on the Upper East Side this summer when we met, so we returned to our roots. We went to dinner at a Japanese restaurant that Brett and I had gone to for one of our first dates (which is another cute story). At dinner we reminisced about our first months together and once again Brett took one for the team and ate sushi. It had started to rain on the way to dinner, so we snuggled under my umbrella. After dinner it was raining a little harder, but that didn’t foil Brett’s plans one bit. We proceeded to walk to the East River—I had never been there, but Brett had walked there after I left NYC in August and told me that he wanted to take me there (and that he did). We went to a bench on the river which has significant meaning to us. We sat on that bench huddled under the umbrella and Brett proceeded to tell me the significance of the spot as well as when it was that he knew I was “the one” (I like the sound of that, it makes me seem really special and important). It was adorable and my, did he do a great job with his words. I’ll spare you all from the gushiness of it all, although I didn’t find it to be at all gushy J Then he played his Rook card and got down on one knee and asked me to marry him (in the rain and all--the rain was actually a nice bonus because it meant that we were alone on the East River, no one to ruin the moment). I paused for a second, trying to think of something witty to say, but after a few seconds I said, “Of course I will! Yes!” He put the ring on my finger and from there we just shared a few more moments together. It was so romantic. I LOVE the ring almost as much as I love Brett, he did a great job. It sparkles so much and makes me feel worth a million dollars. Boy am I the luckiest girl in the world!

Check out some pictures of the ring and of us.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Always a Tourist!

Brett and I haven't really been on a date in a while since we've spent so much time apart and so much time moving me from here to there. So last Friday night was date night for us and we decided to be your everyday New York City tourists even though we've lived here for a few months. But seriously, there is so much to do and see in this city that you just can't do it all, so we'll just be forever tourists with our place of residence happening to be NYC. We decided to go to dinner, which shouldn't normally be a problem...I mean really, it's Manhattan...there are restaurants everywhere you turn. Well, we made the wrong decision to go downtown toward our destination, the Empire State Building and look for food there. Just as we suspected, we found a good handful of restaurants, but none that tickled our fancy. After a while, we finally settled on a place and can I just say...they charged $18 just for a chicken strips meal, come on...what a way to rip someone off! Haha! Ok, sorry, I'll try not to be so frugal! Anyway, after our costly, but enjoyable dinner, we headed to the top of the Empire State Building (another costly experience...honestly, is there anything cheap in this city?) It was absolutely gorgeous, freezing and windy, but gorgeous nonetheless. Just thought I'd post a picture or two from up top.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Interview Rewards (I like the sound of that)!

So I decided that this interviewing thing needed to be rewarding along the way since the job offers don’t come immediately and Rachel has had no problem helping me out with that. After the first interview we went and got manicures and pedicures! That was absolutely fabulous. However, I decided that I couldn’t spend that much money everytime I have an interview (since we’re hoping that they aren’t that few and far between). So what have I done since then? Well, take a look…Rachel and I found some gourmet cupcakes to celebrate one interview. They were tasty, although we were regretting eating the whole thing afterwards. Since then I have bought myself a few other little treats. Go ahead, take a wild guess what they were!

toothpaste, goldfish, and credit cards

well here i am back in new york city. to be quite honest, it was bittersweet coming back. i have been working long hours at finding myself a job…however, once the job comes, i will be working many longer hours. i’ve had quite a few interviews and from the title of the blog post, you can tell that they have been with very diverse accounts. that’s right folks, up til now i have interviewed with such accounts as global colgate, pepperidge farm and then there could be an interview coming with american express. this week i also made my way into an interview with a company that markets healthcare products, such as claritin, nasonex, excedrin migraine, etc. so i’ve been all over the product spectrum while staying within the advertising discipline. it’s a tough industry to break into, but things have been going really well even so. so now it’s your turn to vote…which account should i choose? (as if i have a choice at the moment)!