Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Fancy Nancy

Sadie has lots of favorite books. It's so funny how she just gravitates to certain things.  Though, she's a lot like her mama, and tends to like one for a couple of days before she moves on to another. It goes from 'Cat en da Hat' and 'Granero Rojo' to Subway (thanks Mary!) and 'Vayan Perro' or 'Mi Mama'  (We have a Spanish/English mixed library).  Fancy Nancy has, however, managed to rank in the top three for quite a while. We have a couple of Fancy Nancy books and she knows which is which. There's 'Nancy, Nancy' and 'Boutique' and then 'bwue Nancy, Nancy' obviously because the cover is blue.  Fancy Nancy has taught her some great things, like the word 'Merci' or the phrase 'Ooh La La!' or my personal favorite, how to call us 'darling.'  We like the morals of the stories and Brett and I have our favorite parts.  We always comment about one illustration in the original book - right as Fancy Nancy and her family enter 'The King's Crown' for a fancy dinner. 

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I'm not one to keep up on the latest celebrity gossip like I did ten years ago. And, as much as I'd love to be, I'm just not a trendsetter. However, my dad sent me over a link to a recent People magazine cover. Christina Applegate had a baby girl last month. Baby's name? Sadie Grace. Christina must read my blog :)  Way to be up on the latest Hollywood news Dad!

And just to digress for a moment, I just typed ten years ago like it was nothing and then realized that ten years ago I was in college, as in not even in high school any more.  Absolutely crazy!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

 This year our Valentine's Day was pretty low key. We normally go out to an Argentinean restaurant and go all out with gifts. But this year we kept it simple. Sometimes it's nice to lower expectations and not feel so pressured in to planning a big evening when really, who's dictating it, but some crazy holiday that's overly marketed. Sadie and I headed to the gym, per usual. But today she got a sucker from the babysitter, which was pretty exciting. Then, we headed to friend Evelyn's house to decorate some sugar cookies and play for a while. Sadie's lunch consisted of sugar cookies, frosting, M&Ms and lots and lots of conversation hearts. Before we headed back for naptime, we walked Daddy to his dentist appointment because it was 55 degrees outside and gorgeous. Then, we stayed in and made heart shaped pizzas, I got some beautiful roses and that was that. After Sadie went down for the night, Brett and I told each other a handful of the many reasons why we love the other. We used to do that every night, and now we do it, oh every once in a while. It was nice. I love my two Valentines!

Sunday, February 13, 2011


It's been a long month. It started with potty training. Three of the last four weekends either Brett or Sadie and I have been out of town (none of those three times did we all go out of town together). The other weekend, Brett had to work. I've spent the last three weeks working full-time to cover while my boss was on her honeymoon. It's been crazy and the three of us haven't had much (any?) family time. This weekend we changed that. It's been just the three of us all weekend. One of those weekends where you just feel so blessed - like things just couldn't get any better. Sadie is at such a fun stage - we are truly captivated by her all the time. The memorable moments of the weekend (and a couple from the past month):
  • 'Get you' wars with Sadie. She loves to tickle us and watch how hard we laugh. I take after my mom and manage an amazingly believable fake laugh. Brett laughs at my fake laugh because, well, it's just that good. And I laugh at his attempts at a fake laugh. And Sadie just laughs because she thinks she's so funny. Love those moments. We have them just about every day.
  • Breaking in our new Kitchen Aid (finally!) with a family batch of chocolate chip cookies.
  • Heading down to Union Square for some shopping and a bite to eat. We stopped at Paragon Sports to check out, among other things, snow gear for Sadie. Sadie was in heaven. That little girl loves to shop. She wanted to try on every single jacket, hat, pair of gloves, etc. And she has an opinion to boot...there is no persuading that girl (wonder where she gets that from?).
  • Checking on Sadie at night before we go to bed. I used to do it every night and now Brett runs in to join me. Because she's just that cute and we can't resist another peek at our little angel before we drift off.
  • When Sadie found my retainer on the floor, handed it to me and said 'Here mommy, it's yours. Eat it mommy.' Because obviously anything that goes into your mouth is for eating.
  • Waiting for daddy by the elevator because we know he's on his way home. And the smile and squeal that result when Sadie sees him. And then the fact that she proceeds to recount her day to him because she knows he always asks and she beats him to it.
  • Our races from the elevator to our door. Sadie likes to come to the elevator to say goodbye to me in the morning and walk Yoselin to the elevator at the end of the day. We race back every time. And I love it.
  • Sadie trying to be mischievous. While we were skyping with grandma, Sadie wanted to play with daddy's blackberry, but he kept looking at her. So, she looked right at Brett and said 'Daddy, talk ga-ma.' Then kept her eye on him while she reached for the phone to make sure he wasn't looking. Little sneakster!
  • One slightly sad, but equally cute moment last night. Our bedtime routine consists of potty, PJs, brush teeth, prayers, scripture story, 3-4 books and a song or two before we tuck her in. Last night after I finished with the books, Sadie looked at me and said, 'Mommy, no sing a song.' And when I tried, she reminded me not to sing. So I tucked her in and she went right to sleep. Sad that she's growing up and becoming so independent.
Oh, and did I mention that Sadie is pretty much a rockstar. She's, I'd say 100%, potty trained. The first two days were the 'I want to tear my eyeballs out because that would be more pleasant than this' kind of days. But it all clicked around days 3 and 4. And even with two trips out to hang with cousin Brooklyn and her baby sister Mazie, she's still going strong. Two or three accidents after those first 4 days. And no accidents since January 17!

And a totally unrelated picture (except that it's of the three of us) and obviously not from the weekend. We sure had fun in Hawaii back in December. Maybe I'll actually post about it soon (or maybe not, don't hold your breath).

Wednesday, February 02, 2011


We've had all too much snow this winter. It's a good thing Punxsutawney Phil didn't see his shadow this morning - I'm sure he knew the whole country would have it in for him otherwise. Sadie likes to get out of the house too much to tolerate being cooped up inside. Thank goodness for all the Groupon, doodledeals, etc that we've been utilizing to keep her busy. While we were waiting for baby Mazie to make her appearance a few weeks ago, we took advantage of a little snow time in Brooklyn's backyard. Do you think they liked sledding?
And I can't forget little Mazie. This is where she was hanging out while we were playing in the snow (doesn't it make you sick that my sister looks barely pregnant when she's a week overdue...if only).
And this is her quality time with Aunt Kris a few days later.