Thursday, April 26, 2007

T minus 16 days and counting...

Not like you all haven't seen this, but thought it would be a fun post. I'm definitely getting anxious for the big day. Not at all nervous, just ready for it to come. It's down to the wire. My focus and concentration at work has just about gone out the window, but I am trying to be organized so it leaves things more manageable for the teams. I can move into our quaint little studio on May 1st, so I have my work cut out for my evenings next week. I figure I'll transfer my things across town a little at a time. It's just all coming together. I can't wait to be surrounded by everyone that I love on May 12th. It will be so nice to all be together. What a wonderful time!

Monday, April 16, 2007

Our First Easter Sunday

We had a nice, quiet Easter at my apartment. All my roommates were gone for the weekend, so Brett and I celebrated just the two of us. We attended our new ward bright at early and had the rest of the afternoon to enjoy spending time together. The easter bunny even managed to find us and treated us all too well. Check out the Braun electric razor that Brett got :) I made Easter dinner, a little ham, some au gratin potatoes and the rest you can see. I at least had to get some traditional Easter fixin's in there.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Ready, set...stuff!

Two weekends ago, Brett and I spent a quality weekend together stuffing 350 announcements and addressing almost that many. We had a blast doing it. Brett had his apartment rearranged and ready to get the assembly line going. The stuffing went surprisingly fast, it was the addressing that got to be more complicated. We pretty much ate, slept and breathed announcements (in between sessions of General Conference of course). We had to document the experience, check it out.
Here's our initial assembly line. We had a contest to see who could stuff more announcements.
After the stuffing, I wrote on the inner envelopes and Brett put the address labels on the outer.
And while I packed my stuff to leave the next morning, Brett sealed them. He went the safe way to avoid getting paper cuts on his tongue.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Happy Birthday Brett!

I know, so it's been a month since his birthday, but I thought I would post a few pictures from that weekend. Sad that I had to work on his big day, but we managed to go to a very nice steak dinner and then have some treats at home. He got the game Risk, so we played that weekend and he has initiated many game nights in Philly since then to get a rousing game of Risk going :) The second half of his present came on Easter, so you'll have to see that once it is posted.
Here's Brett in suspense...what could it be? what could it be?

Brett got some Happy Birthday cupcakes.

That's my roommate Adrienne making a classic Ade face while eating Thin Mints.