Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Yesterday morning was Colton's one year well check with his pediatrician (whom I adore). Maybe it's just me but does anyone else feel like you are reporting in to the pediatrician as if your child is on loan from them? It's like I'm seeking her approval that I'm doing ok raising my child. As if she is the owner of my child? It's weird and I'm not sure why I feel that way. However, it is always such a wonderful feeling to leave the doctor with a clean bill of health and a reassurance that I'm doing something right. Colton was charming for the most part until the dreaded shots. Sadie has always been such an angel with shots. She hasn't cried for any shots since before she turned two. And even when she was a baby, I don't remember things being all that bad. She cried, but recovered quickly. Colton on the other hand was not having it. And to his credit, he did have to sit through six shots all preceded by a finger prick with a blood draw. The finger prick was more of an annoyance to him. But the shots, oh the shots. It was sad. And I'm usually pretty tough because I know the shots are to protect them. But his little face was so so sad. He screamed - a scream like I have never before heard. And the alligator tears were flowing down his squishy cheeks! The little dot band-aids the nurse kept putting on got rubbed right off. And I came out of it with my own battle wounds (dots of blood) all over my shirt. After the nurse finished ALL SIX shots, I snuggled Colton, gave him his paci and his doggie and he started calming down. Meanwhile the nurse was getting regular size band-aids ready to replace all the others that had fallen off. Every time she came closer to replace a bandaid, he looked at her and wailed. So sad! Colton wouldn't so much as look at the sweet nurse without wailing. After I finally got him dressed, packed in the stroller, rain cover on (it was pouring), stroller down the stairs and a few blocks toward home, he fell fast asleep for almost 2 hours! Sleeping through lunch! That is unheard of from my little short napper and never-miss-a-meal little beefer! I of course spoiled him the rest of the day.

For the record, at one year my little big guy's stats:

Weight: 24lb 1oz (69th percentile)
Height: 30.25 inches (65th percentile)
Head Circumference: 47.5cm (80th percentile)

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