Sunday, June 13, 2010

G Family Reunion 2010

This years reunion with Brett's family was in Tucson, AZ. We went out a few days early to spend some extra time with family and check out where Brett spent his elementary school years. Many thanks to Chrissie, Vince and family for hosting. It was tons of fun! They have the perfect house to hold 12 adults, 1 teenager and 16.5 kids (most of whom are under the age of 8).

Sadie's new best friend, cousin Brenna.
Early mornings still on East Coast time.
With 29+ pairs of shoes lying around, Sadie was in heaven.
Lots and lots of fun cousin time!
Chocolate chip muffins for breakfast, life doesn't get much better. Notice the two headband look Sadie was sporting, she was trying to make a fashion statement.
We wore poor little Bryant out.
Lots of Wii was played (looks like Eve beat Wyatt on this one)
So many cousins.
LoganBreeann (who wasn't too sure about her Uncle Brett)
AaronAnnaClarkEllieIntroducing us newbies to Eegees. Both the subs...
And the slushiesDaily pool time.
As soon as we got out of the car at the pool, Sadie would run up to Brenna and say 'han, han' (translation: Hand, hand)
And the discovery of popsicles.
Cousin fingerpainting to send to grandma and grandpa on their mission.
A stop in Tombstone after stopping by Kartchner Caverns.
And then on to St. David to spend an evening with aunts, uncles and cousins (from Grandpa G's side).
Brett tried his hand at light painting and star pictures in the wee hours of the night.
Swimming and a BBQ with more aunts, uncles and cousins (from Grandma G's side).
These girls are just too cute (Anna, Brenna, Eve)
The photo walls.
Goodbye hugs before bed